· Witchtrap ·

2013: Nuevo Ep Cd “Dark Millennium”, 20 years making Metal
2012: Third full lenght “Vengeance Is My Name”
2011: re-issue vinyl 12″ + 3 cover songs “NIGHTMARES OF THE DEAD”(Licensed in USA by Hells Headbangers Records on normal vinyl and splatter vinyl)
2009: re-issue digipack deluxe cd+keychain”SORCERESS BITCH”
2009: split two bands 7″ (Greek version vinyl) “HOLOCAUST”
2009: Tributo Running Wild comp. (cd) “REUNATION”
2008: split (cd) “UNITED IN ANNIHILATION”
2007: re-issue (tape) “SORCERESS BITCH”
2007: single (cd) “NIGHTMARES OF THE DEAD”
2006:re-issue (USA version vinyl, die hard, picture disc and cd) “WITCHING METAL”
2006: second full-length (cd) “NO ANESTHESIA”
(lisenced in USA as same time on vinyl, die hard, picture disc and cd)
2005: re-issue (Japanese version cd) “THE FIRST NECROMANCY & TURN IN YOUR GRAVES”
2005: re-issue (USA version picture disc + bonus track) “SORCERESS BITCH”
2005: re-isue (cd) “WITCHING METAL”
2004: split (tape) “ATAQUE DEMONIACO vol. 1”
2004: re-issue (French version vinyl) “SORCERESS BITCH”
2004: split four bands 7″ (German vinyl) “THRASH METAL BLITZKRIEG vol II”
2000: Debut Mlp (vinilo) “WITCHING METAL”
1998: The Black Moon comp. vol I “TO MEET THE STORM”
1998: Segundo demo “TUNR IN YOUR GRAVES”.
1997: Primer demo “THE FIRST NECORMANCY”.
1993: Cambia el nombre a “WITCHTRAP” y su estilo musical a Thrash Metal.
1992: Nace la banda, tocando Death Metal, bajo el nombre “DARK MILLENNIUM”

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